• Mornings

    You will receive a basket in your room with a comfort breakfast.
  • Lunch
    May we suggest a picnic!

    After a tour of the interior of the island, and to continue sharing with nature lay a towel on the edge of a pond or in the middle of a natural park and delici up with a lunch prepared especially for you.
  • Tarde
    Algar do Carvão e Furnas do Enxofre

    Go for an afternoon stroll inside a volcano called "Algar do Carvão" and descend up to 100 meters deep to find an underground lagoon with crystalline waters.
  • Tarde
    Algar do Carvão e Furnas do Enxofre

    Then close your eyes look to the sky when you reopen see the rays of light to tear through the volcanic cone and illuminate existing stalactites. An image that is guaranteed to never leave of your mind.
  • In the evening
    Ocean baths and a massage

    Later in the afternoon, why not, a swim in the ocean or pool and a revitalizing massage by the sea.
  • Before dinner
    Enjoy an amazing sunset

    Before dinner you can enjoy the fantastic sunset that offers you as a backdrop the islands of S Jorge and Pico Mountain, and enjoy a good wine accompanied by some traditional snacks of this island.
  • Activities
    More suggestions

    Whale Watching - The Azores are currently one of the largest sanctuaries of the world's whales. Between resident and migratory, common or rare species, one can see more than 20 different types of cetaceans in its waters. We are in an ecosystem of unique features.
  • Dive
    More sugestions

    Diving - A set of excellent natural conditions allows the SCUBA diving in the Azores during most of the year. Difficult to choose where to start. There are dozens of spots, suitable for different types of diving.