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    Terceira Island

    Terceira Island is one of the nine islands of the Azores, located right in the north Atlantic ocean, integrating the so-called Central Group. A two hour flight to the city of Lisbon and Porto and 5 hours of direct flight to the East Coast of EUA. Travel between islands are made by daily flights and complemented during the summer by ferry boats.The Azores are part EU since 1986 - have as currency the Euro.





  • Weather

    4 seasons on the same day

    The Azores´weather is mild. Its temperatures average 16 degrees during Winter and 26 in the Summer. It is never too hot nor too cold. On the same day we may be blessed with the 4 seasons. The surrounding fog and some humidity throughout certain times of the year, portrays a mysterious aura which encounter the old pirate and privateers stories who once upon a time populated these misty islands.If you love nature you should consider bringing a raincoat. However, shortly after the rain, the sun may come out to warm you.