• Typical flavors

    Holy Ghost soup/Alfenim/sweet bread/alcatra/sweet rice - All these meals are served during the Holy Ghost Festivities, which take place on this island, from May to October.Coscoroes/Baked "Filoses" - These delicacies are served during the Carnival, which is celebrated on this island in a very peculiar manner, from "Fat Sunday" to Carnival Tuesday, there are dozens of Carnival dances (theatre/comedy) throughout these days, with themes concerning particular characteristics of our society. On these days, people put on costumes and go out to enjoy the Carnival.Given that one of the main traditions on this island are the street bullfights, these snacks cannot be ammissed from the street bars: mackerel with onion stew/yams and linguiça/sweet potato/horse beans/baked potatoes with hot-sauce/barnacles/limpets (two types of seafood from the ocean rocks).
  • Porto Judeu

    The Lodge is located 600m from the center of Porto Judeu, which in turn is a 7 Km of Angra do Heroism (World Heritage City since 1983) and 14 km from the city of Praia da Vitoria, a road trip will last at most 15 minutes until Angra do Heroísmo and 30 minutes until victory Beach. 200 m from the Alluar Lodge there is bus stop, with links to Angra do Heroismo and Praia da Vitoria. At 500 m there are two restaurants / cafes / supermarkets, pharmacies and ATMs.